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Yearly Hunt 2020

Sadly Our 2020 Hunt is Cancelled

We may not be able to gather in as large a group as we need. We don’t want members or guests to risk their health.  We don’t know what phase will be in force at the time.


DCR cannot provide the assurance of needed facilities at the time. Limitations may still be in effect.

DCR Restrictions

Planning for what we need is dependent on registrations, donations and planning time for our club.  We have been meeting on a modified basis and want to do a great job. Costs would be prohibitive.


What Is Our Hunt Like?

What Goes On?

  • All hunters are welcome, new to the hobby or old timers!  Planned for our previous hunters from surrounding states and for our members. A hobby get together to meet other hunters and see old friends. 100% planned for a fun day.
  • Kids welcome if they can hunt on their own, or a parent is helping.   Snacks and prizes too.!
  • A reasonable price, no pressure to buy products or engage with suppliers. Hunt just the morning/afternoon session if you want. Equal prize worth for both sessions.
  • Most of the money for registrations goes into the ground as prizes.  We limit participation and are able to budget our spending.
  • Convenient spot with bathrooms, plenty of parking. Beautiful park. Planned shelter for weather by the club.
  • Limited attendance of 100 hunters for our hunting area. This is our 17th year. No big  promo, just our club members working together.

What We Are Not:

  • The hunt to end all hunts.  Someplace to win a car or huge pile of money. Not a  commercial or manufacturer organized super hunt. 
  • Not an all day and night event.
  • Not overpriced, with the intention of making money.
  • Not dependent on attendance at any cost.
  • No unlimited registration and huge promotion. and no unbudgeted spending.  No unfair proportion of prizes to attendance.
  • No mysterious locations or “thrilling” unhunted sites. 
  • No promised but not delivered finds. Not a big day of competition.  No souvenirs to hike up the price.
  • No parking 2 miles away, expensive eats, need for overnight $$$ accommodations
  • Not “right near the highway”, but 300 miles away from our hunters. A long trip for everyone.

From Our 2019 Hunt held October 20th