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Yearly Hunt 2020

SAVE THE DATE     2020  October 3rd
Houghton’s Pond  840 Hillside St.  Milton MA
Questions? write to [email protected]

Our Yearly Hunt this year is scheduled for October 3rd the first weekend in October.

At this time we have no reason to cancel.  (5/2020)

Details and registration will be available in the summer of 2020. If you attended in the past and supplied your address you will get a reminder postcard or email.
What Is Our Hunt Like?

What Goes On?

  • All hunters are welcome, new to the hobby or old timers!  Planned for our previous hunters from surrounding states and for our members. A hobby get together to meet other hunters and see old friends. 100% planned for a fun day.
  • Kids welcome if they can hunt on their own, or a parent is helping.   Snacks and prizes too.!
  • A reasonable price, no pressure to buy products or engage with suppliers. Hunt just the morning/afternoon session if you want. Equal prize worth for both sessions.
  • Most of the money for registrations goes into the ground as prizes.  We limit participation and are able to budget our spending.
  • Convenient spot with bathrooms, plenty of parking. Beautiful park. Planned shelter for weather by the club.
  • Limited attendance of 100 hunters for our hunting area. This is our 17th year. No big  promo, just our club members working together.

What We Are Not:

  • The hunt to end all hunts.  Someplace to win a car or huge pile of money. Not a  commercial or manufacturer organized super hunt. 
  • Not an all day and night event.
  • Not overpriced, with the intention of making money.
  • Not dependent on attendance at any cost.
  • No unlimited registration and huge promotion. and no unbudgeted spending.  No unfair proportion of prizes to attendance.
  • No mysterious locations or “thrilling” unhunted sites. 
  • No promised but not delivered finds. Not a big day of competition.  No souvenirs to hike up the price.
  • No parking 2 miles away, expensive eats, need for overnight $$$ accommodations
  • Not “right near the highway”, but 300 miles away from our hunters. A long trip for everyone.

From Our 2019 Hunt held October 20th