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Frequently Asked Questions Hunt 2019

Our club is making the best effort to have a fun and worthwhile hunt for attendees.  

These are some answers to questions about our changes this year.

Why did you change the date, originally October 5 to October 20th?

Our original date was reserved and promoted early in March but another Regional hunting activity was scheduled after this date in the New England/NY area.

We had no choice but to change it so hunters who wanted to could attend both. We have made changes with the DCR to be there on October 20th, a Sunday.

Why October 20, a Sunday?

We are avoiding the week before and after the NY hunt,  and avoiding a holiday weekend.  The date of Saturday the 19th was taken by a fundraiser at the Pond.

Why has the price gone up?

Increased prices since 2017 for use of the facilities; increased prize budget; processing fees; prize choices. Changes adding a door prize.

What is different this year?

By request of former attendees, we are seeding with large amounts of silver. Paying for the entire day is a greater advantage.

We are limiting the number of full day hunters to 80 . They will be eligible for a door prize.  If we do not have 80 hunters we will allow walk-ins on Oct 20th at a higher fee.

The number of attendees will be available to see online. We will increase the silver coins in the ground for every 10 hunters after 40, 50, 60 etc.

Will there still be other prizes other than silver coins?

We are planning on desirable digging tools in both hunts, instant cash in the ground, the usual coveted hunting accessories; and manufacturers’ donations.

Hunters who find a special token in the afternoon hunt will be eligible to enter the 2PM gold coin hunt.

See this page to know if the maximum number of full day hunters has been reached.

Will there still be silver raffles?

Our usual silver raffles are planned.

What is the 3rd hunt at 2 PM, how do I qualify?

Tokens buried in the 2nd hunt field will qualify you for the 2PM Gold Coin Hunt . If you find more than one you may give it to another hunter.