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Club News

Salisbury Outing September 12th

A Saturday outing to Salisbury Beach was well attended by 20 members.
We had a great time playing or learning to play “corn hole” in the parking lot.
When the tide was out we had some natural hunting while a seeded hunt was set up on the beach.
Following that hunt we had another for ZOOM regulars and went back to the lot to eat pizza, award prizes for the hunt tokens and have a few more prize drawings.
Lingering in the sun we swapped hunting plans and made it home to rest, exhausted by a great day in the sun.

September 13th Meeting Notes

Our meeting started with members chatting about the successful outing on Saturday at Salisbury beach.
We all agreed we had a great day.

Another new coin set was added to the End of Year Raffle.
Only weeks to go to the drawing, so please think about buying more chances.

Prizes went to:
Facebook best “favorite dug coin” went to Sandi for a 1652 Oak Tree Shilling
Facebook Finds:
1st Prize to Kent for a plated Gold Necklace
2nd Prize to Scott for his 1766 One Reale
3rd Prize to Glen for his 1812 Military Button
Other raffle prizes went to Glen, Scott, and Paulo
Judi won the 50/50 raffle $45
Next Facebook photo contest is “favorite dug relic”

August 30th Meeting Notes

Our meeting started with members showing their favorite or special coin.

  • Scott showed the 1903 Nickel that started him hunting.
  • Bob O’Neil showed us a 1847 large cent that was in a roll of quarters he bought for tolls.
  • Glen showed us the coin he wants to find next.
  • Judi strung her first silver coin on her charm bracelet.
  • Stepper found a 1745 silver coin that is his oldest, and in the best shape.
  • Sandi showed a capped bust she dug up in her sisters front yard.
  • Don showed us a Constantine 1310 roman coin he bought at auction.
  • Mark had a set of Walkers he was given in a business deal.
  • And John McG showed us many many Gold coins in his collection.

Prizes went to:

Facebook best “dangerous selfies” went to Paulo (exiting gas test chamber)

Facebook Finds

1st Prize to Glen for his Seated 1876 Quarter

2nd Prize to Aiden for his 14K Gold Band

3rd Prize to Scott for his 1936 Mercury Dime

Other raffle prizes went to Paulo, Sandi, (2) and John McG

Winning 3 Mercury Dimes each- Don and Stepper (2 sets)

And 7 Bonus Walkers to Judi,  John McG, Paulo, Stepper, Christina, Bobby and Marita

Paulo won the 50/50 raffle $50


August 16th Meeting

We started the meeting with a few tales of our Metal Detecting adventures, and how we started our hobby.

  • Scott told us one of the “leaf bag” stories we all eventually have, ending with absolutely no thanks for the effort.
  • Sandi recounted buying her first detector to try to find a lost gold bracelet she managed to lose in her own backyard. (still missing)
  • Paulo recounted his 6th grade camping trip when he observed a hunter pulling out a Mercury dime and deciding many years later to finally start the hobby after joining the club.
  • Glen started hunting the minute he retired after promising himself he would try the hobby.  He’s been out every day since using the latest tools to help him !
  • Don was a collector of many things including post cards.  His collecting buddy gave him a “coinmaster” that started his new hobby.
  • Mark flew to far locations with total strangers to hunt with detectors and dowsing rods with the permission of his wife.

Prizes went to:

Facebook best “formal wear photo” to Scott for his red bow tie shot.

Facebook Finds

1st Prize to Glen for his 1/2 Dime

2nd Prize to Scott for his 5 silver rings in one spot

3rd Prize to Stepper for a Silver Spoon

Other raffle prizes went to Judi Batchelder (2) and Mary McCue

Winning 3 Mercury Dimes each- Aiden Shea, John McGillicuddy (2), Don Latino, and Rick Smith

Mark Roberts won the 50/50 raffle $40

Two more raffle prizes  went to Paulo Adams and Glen Godwin

August 2 Meeting Notes

Another great Sunday night get together

  • Don found his way back to the ZOOM Meeting and told us some Western MA adventures from the Pike, and advice about liquids and turkeys.
  • Members are reminded to consider buying End of Year raffle tickets. Odds a pretty good right now! For sale through our g mail account. We hope to be meeting by then. They will be awarded.

  • Judi joined us from the Cape

  • Ray (fresh from the hospital) joined us with Cheryl.

  • We agreed to meet up again August 16th for another night of wonder.

  • We missed you if you still haven’t found your way here, or to the Facebook page.

Remember to post your finds in the right thread on Facebook as a comment, and find a “dressed in fancy duds” photo for our next contest in a separate thread.

Prize winners on August 2  Sunday ZOOM Meeting

A picture of Judi and her “hunting buddy” Sharon won the photo contest.

50/50 Raffle Rick Smith won $60

Best of Facebook (last 2 weeks) Great finds this week (You can see them on FB)

1st prize Scott Ferguson white gold ring

2nd prize Glen Godwin 1906 Barber Half Dollar

3rd prize Judi Batchelder for another beautiful 1889 Seated Dime

Other Raffles were won by Scott, Rick (2) Judi, Mary, Johnny Cash and Dan