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October 24th 2021 Meeting Notes

Submitted by Stepper Camilleis

There were 28 attendees at the meeting, which commenced at 7:30.  The prime topic of discussion at this meeting was the upcoming hunt that Scott Ferguson has organized for Sunday, November 7. The entry fee is $50 cash per person and will be collected the day of the hunt. No food will be supplied, so it is suggested that attendees bring their own lunch, and someone should volunteer to buy an adequate supply of apple cider donuts.
Paulo Adams gave the Treasurer’s report. There was around a $6500 balance after Scott had gone to a coin show and purchased $500 worth of silver for club prizes. Paulo mentioned that raffle coin winnings will be placed in sandwich bags individually designated. Paulo donated 15 silver coins back to the Club, and he also sent out flowers to people and families in need.
Scott came up with a great suggestion for a donation of a $100 gift certificate (such as for a grocery store) as a get-well stimulus, and this was unanimously approved at the Zoom meeting.
Glenn has been recovering from his illness and was able to join us this meeting. Welcome back, Glen! We wish Glen and his family the best in these tough times.
Bobby Denault told a story of a friend whose farmhouse was robbed two years ago, and the thieves had made off with lots of silver rounds, rare coins, bullets, a cell phone and the farmer’s truck keys. The value of the stolen merchandise was
approximately $10,000. Sorry to hear that, Bobby, but thanks for sharing!

1888 Morgan dollar & Franklin half – Sylvia Cross
1878 Morgan dollar – Joe Mishley
Barber half dollar draw – Scott Ferguson, didn’t win
$20 Raffles – Scott Ferguson (2x and gave them back!), Glenn Godwin (2x), Dan
Schwartz, John McGillicuddy
50/50 ($75) – Kent Blethen