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October 10th 2021 Meeting Notes

reported by Stepper

There were 21 attendees at the meeting, which commenced at 7:30, including new member Sylvia , along with her husband Tremaine and her daughter America.  Sylvia has been detecting for four and a half years.

The prime topic of discussion at this meeting was the recap of the 10/2 Club Hunt .  The final profit being $2334.14.

We ended up with 59 participants (32 members and 27 non-members, including 3 walk-ins.) Joe Mishley won the Minelab Vanquish, Steve from Orange MA won one pinpointer, and Sandy from Plymouth won the other. Jeff from MA went home with 2 detectors!  Cheryl won the Morgan dollar. Aidan and Jim won the $50 cash prizes donated by someone who could not make it.  The $100 fee went right back into the field. Thanks Wayne!   Please plan on coming to our next hunt or outing.

It was suggested that the turnout being lower than expected is largely due to the COVID pandemic still being very much a reality and people not venturing out into crowds so much. A man named Chris from Utah attended the hunt and had a great time, winning both the door prize and the 3rd hunt gold coin.

Sandi was asked and told us the story of how she found her stupendous 1652 Oak Tree shilling nearly two years ago, with a Fisher 44 detector she’d won at a hunt in NH.  After bringing this coin to a coin shop, she had it tested, graded, and was told it was genuine!  What a super find!  (See table finds Jan 2020)
Rick Smith spoke of a rare 1789 George Washington inaugural button he found in his home town of Watertown. Rick said it was the “chicken” or “skinny eagle” variety of the GW button, and it had been partially carved out and made into a watch fob. Rick also spoke about 1920s Presidents Harding and Coolidge beginning their political careers in Watertown, and other very interesting tidbits about Watertown’s rich history, having been first settled in 1630.

Two upcoming hunts:

1) It was decided at the meeting to host an club only hunt at South Boston’s Carson Beach this Saturday, October 16, from noon until 3:00pm  There are two parking lots on day Blvd as you drive to the beach.

2)  Scott also confirmed the date of the hunt he’s personally sponsoring at a Stow apple orchard as Sunday, November 7. The entry fee for this hunt will be $50, with lots of silver coins buried. Scott needs to have a complete head count by October 23.
As for club business outside the 10/2 hunt, Paulo & Scott said they have been successful in buying silver coins at reasonably low prices, and our club has been doing very well with membership now up around 90 people, which is nearly double what we had before Scott took over the Presidency of the MTHA. 

The September coin raffle was a 1921 State of Alabama Centennial (1819-1919) commemorative half dollar, with a very low mintage of 16,014, and the October coin is a 1923-S Munroe Doctrine Centennial commemorative half.
1921 Morgan dollar – Mary
1925 Peace dollar – Sandi
1904-O Barber half dollar – Scott
Barber half dollar draw – Marita , didn’t win
Walking Liberty halves (5 drawings)
Paulo Adams, Sue , Aidan , Sylvia , Sandi
50/50 – Mark