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Maybe June?

Club President, Scott Ferguson, has asked me to send out the following message to all MTHA members:

It has been decided to cancel April’s meeting as well as May’s.  These are definite.  Whether June will be our next month to meet is up in the air at this point.  It will be a “wait and see” .   We WILL have a surprise for members who attend the first “announced” get-together after the COVID-19 social distancing recommendations and group gathering limits are lifted.

Regarding FIND-OF-THE-MONTH competitions that are missed during the months that we are not meeting:

To simplify the unusual F-O-M situation we are in, and to make the judging fair and equitable for all members, the MTHA Officers and Find-of-the-Month Committee have batted around ideas for the past few days and have decided the following:

No matter when the the next meeting will actually be, we will hold ONE F-O-M competition that month, with members bringing in their best finds since the last meeting (February).  So, for example,  if the next meeting is in June, then all items found SINCE the February meeting would be eligible for the ONE single competition in June(four months of finds eligible).  Everyone gets the same opportunity to choose their best of four months. This will ease the time and logistical burden of holding multiple F-O-M competitions (entry submissions, voting, tallying & reporting of winners).  Our Newsletter TALLY sheet will have empty columns for the months we did not meet.

In the meantime everyone, please be well and practice safe detecting.