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WORKING COPY           updated as of feb 2015 up to &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

committee suggestions

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members feedback mailed to us

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NAME CHANGE    sept   2014


definition of service positions   feb 2015



The Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Association, recognizing the need for an organization of treasure hunting enthusiasts, does hereby prescribe and uphold the following principles:

That Treasure Hunting is a rewarding and beneficial hobby to be shared by any individual or family.

That all Treasure Hunters share a common responsibility to themselves, and to the Treasure Hunting fraternity, to respect the rights of all land­owners and public officials in the preservation and protection of their property against trespass or undue damage through carelessness on the part of Treasure Hunters or other individuals.

That service to historic societies, law-enforcement agencies, and other charitable organizations, is an integral part of a Treasure Hunters code of ethics.

In furtherance of these aims, the Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Association does hereby establish this organization for the purpose of inspiring those standards of attainment and neighborly conduct; and it shall be the endeavor of the members who may be called upon to preside over and govern this organization, to enforce the precepts of this organization by every reasonable means within their power, and they and all members of this organization shall exemplify those principles by conduct as well as enforce­ment in order that the club may bring honor to itself, and the world may be convinced of the sincerity of our purpose.


Section A. The name of this organization shall be Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Association.

ARTICLE II - Membership

Section A. Primary  membership in this organization shall be open to any person over eighteen (18) years of age interested in the Treasure Hunting hobby, and each person upon payment of first year's dues shall be given a membership card.

Section B. Membership shall be classified as follows:

1. Active.   Active members shall be those who have paid the yearly dues.

2. Honorary.   Honorary members shall be those who have shown outstanding service to the club and the Treasure Hunting fraternity. These members shall be accepted by a two-thirds vote of the active members present. Honorary members will have no voting privileges, but will receive a membership card and newsletter.   

Section C, Any member may be expelled from this organization after due hearing by board members by majority vote.

1. Depending on the severity of the violation, the board members may decide to bring the decision and facts before the members.

ARTICLE III - Government

Section A. Officers

1. The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

2. The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of the active membership present for a term of two years.

3. No member under the age of eighteen (18) may hold elected office.


Section B. The duties of the officers of this organization shall be set forth in the By-Laws hereof.

Section C.  The Executive Board shall be composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Section D.  In the event of a executive board tie in a vote; the Board will randomly choose a member from the Find of the Month Commitee to help make a decision.

Section E.  In the event that an elected officer shall fail to attend three consecutive meetings of the club without good cause, then that office shall become vacant, and the Executive Board shall appoint a successor to serve for the unexpired term.

Section F. By-Laws consistent with this Constitution and in furtherance of it's purpose thereof shall be available to members. present.

 ARTICLE IV - Amendments


Section A. This Constitution and it's By-laws will be amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Active membership present after publication in two consecutive newsletters.



Article I. Meetings

Section 1. Meetings shall be held on the Third Friday of each month. Exceptions for good cause may be made by the President, who may change the meeting time of individual meetings by giving notice at the preceding meeting or before.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President for the Executive Board on one weeks notice.

Section 3. The quorum for the transaction of meeting business shall be 10 active members.

Article II. Officers

Section A. Duties of the officers shall be as follows:

1. The President appoints all non-elective service positions and committee heads, subject to a vote based on the quorum of 33% of the active members present on the day of appointments.   The President is empowered to call special meetings of the club and Executive Board when necessary.  The President is responsible for enforcement of the Constitution and By-Laws of the club.   IS THIS COVERED ELSEWHERE   ???

2. The Vice-President will assist the President and shall act as President in the absence of the President.

3. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings and functions of the club, and in such capacity may assist in the preparation of the monthly newsletter.  Keeps, reads, and writes minutes of the meetings. 

4. The Treasurer shall keep accurate financial records. The Treasurer shall collect all payments and pay all debts incurred by the club. The tresurer will purchase coins and silver for the club activities.


ARTICLE III Elections                                  

Section 1. Elections shall be held every even numbered year not later than the regular October meeting. Notice of elections shall be given by the President two (2) meetings before the election..

Section 2. A slate of nominations shall be made by the Active member-ship one (1) meeting before the elections ( in September) for the election in October.

Section 3. Voting shall be by secret ballot, and supervised by the secretary;  in the same order as the officers are named in Article III Section A, Part 1 of the Constitution.  If the secretary is not available the treasurer shall supervise the election. 

Before each office is voted on, additional nominations may be made from those candidates defeated for offices previously voted on. If none of the offices are contested the secret ballot need not be held, the Secretary may be instructed to cast one ballot to elect the entire slate.

Section 4. In the event of a tie  a runoff shall be held between the two highest candidates. In the event of another tie, the decision will be decided by a coin flip supervised by a member in office.

Section 5. In the event of a vacancy of elective office ; the members will be notified [by email /USMail] there will be nominations in the following month; and that a special  election will be held the month after  the nominations..

Section 6.  If a vacancy occurs within 3 months prior to the regular election, the position will remain open, with other elective officers fufilling the duties of the office until the regular October election.

Section 7.  In the event of an absentee nomination (seconded by another member), the secretary will confirm the acceptance of that nominee, before the election in order to be on the ballot.


Article IV. Executive Board


Section 1. The Executive Board shall meet at least one week before the regular club meeting. It shall consider any matter concerning the good of the club and shall make its recommendation to the Active membership for consideration.


Section 2. Board meetings shall be open to any Active member.

Board meeting should not be open to members. The purpose of a board meeting is for the board members to discuss and suggest improvements,changes etc which would be presented to the club membership at the next meeting for discussion and approval or disapproval. Club members would have a chance at the meeting to present their point of view during the discussion.

Change Active member receives 1 vote in the find of the month contest. Additional family members have no votes in the find of the month contest. A family of 4 currently has 4 votes and has an unfair advantage in the contest. If additional family members wish to vote they should purchase an active membership. Many of the find of the month contest winners are decided by a margin of 1 vote.

I might include others - specifically a representative from the finds table as well as the webmaster and librarian - in board meetings, along with the specified Editor.

Article V. Finances


Section 1. The annual dues shall be $10.00 for Active members.The annual dues shall be $40.00 for Active members. 

I have read the By Laws. I wish to make a Motion to Amend the By Law regarding Membership Fees. These have not changed since 1984. This does not reflect the Rate of Inflation which has grown exponentially since then. As a result I believe it is a serious detriment to our Clubs Treasury and growth overall.

My Proposal is that the Club increase Yearly Membership Fees to $55 for a single person and $65 for a Family.

I think these increases are extremely modest given the increase in Club Operating Expenses as a whole such as Rent, Raffle Increases and possible Equipment Purchases as may be deemed necessary by the Club. I can definitely think of several items the Club could sorely use as is.

FEES   Membership period runs from January to December.  For late-year joiners (???October - December), your dues will take you thru the next full year.

I think there should be a $5 late fee if you have not paid by January 31st.   DJ

Section 2. An Active member's family may join for $5.00 annual dues. Individuals with family membership have no vote on club business or elections.

One area that also jumped out at me is the aspect of Family Memberships.  In John 's email, he pointed out the potential unfairness of multiple votes from additional family members affecting the outcome of voting in the Find of the Month competition. I see his point and guess I agree.  Presently though, we have been allowing all members of a family membership to vote in the FOM, correct.  The other mention of family memberships (Article V, Section 2) states that "Individuals with family membership have no vote on club business or elections."  That leaves me asking; What is the benefit / purpose / intent of offering a family membership ? jim  m

Section 3. Dues shall be payable on January 1st of each year.


Section 4. Donations, contributions, gifts and other nonrecurring appropriations shall not be made from the club treasury without majority approval of the Active membership present.


Section 5. The Executive Board may make appropriations for the benefit of the club, not to exceed $25.00.



Article VI. Amendments


Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended or added to at any regular (not special) meeting by a two-thirds vote of the Active members present, provided that this total, favorable number shall not be less than one third the number of the entire Active membership.


Section 2.  All Active members shall receive notice of proposed By-Law changes through the monthly newsletter prior to any vote being taken on such changes.


-------------INSERT BY-LAWS-------------------


ARTICLE V. Finances


Section 1-A. An initiation fee of $5.00 shall be levied on each full dues paying adult prospective member at time of

membership application.


PASSED BY MTHA membership on June 22, 1984


Membership Chairman (appoints own committee)

Helps welcome and acclimate new members.  Distributes membership enrollment information forms and guest name badges. Explains club policies/by-laws to new members.  Introduces guests and new members at meetings

OR SAME  AND Seargant at arms?  Sets up meeting and is available to all Members for problems during the meeting.  Sees that building is cleaned up and door locked.

VIII.  Typical Meeting Agenda

1.  Meeting called to order.

2. Secretary reads minutes from previous meeting

3.  Treasurer gives financial report.

4  Reports of sick or distressed members.

5.  Introduction of new members and first time guests.

6.  Chairman's reports.  Updates for activities planned.

7.  Old business.  Sect has notes of items.

8.  New Business.  Club members asked to address group. Time limits.


In Section #8, #5 or somewhere in that area, We need to limit guest speakers to a time limit ( maybe 20-30 mins tops, And a couple of times a year we do not really need a speaker at all, We could have a whats it table! We can have a story time for members to tell us about a great treasure hunting experiance or a technique they know of for getting the treasure. I would  like to know about some of the old sites that people know of that produced but are gone now,Things like that.


hospitality for next meeting planned (volunteers?)

9.  Evening program.  

Voting on table finds

raffle tickets announced

evening  raffle

table finds rewards


10.  Meeting adjourned.

cleanup requested






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